• Grief and the Holidays
    By: Ashley EARLE, LMHC We commonly associate the holiday season with what we see in the media; commercials, TV shows, and movies conveying warmth, connection, and comfort as we come together with our loved ones. The holidays can promote so many positive feelings for us, but can also be very challenging for those that have […]
  • Common Couples’ Struggles
     BY: Elena Makarenko, BA Join me as I talk about common couples’ struggles and how to navigate these issues when they arise. Episode 1: Division of Labor This first episode is focused on division of labor. Episode 2: Finances The second episode dives into how to approach finances with your partner. Episode 3: Division of […]
  • Making Meaning in Difficult Times
    BY: Jason Kniola Spoiler alert: Life does not always go according to plan. When it does, we can relax and enjoy those times. However, many times life takes turns that are shocking, disturbing, heartbreaking, and extremely difficult to cope with. When the disappointments of life come knocking it is hard not to become bitter, resentful, […]
  • Police Officers and Mental Health Awareness: Three Reasons Why
    By: Dr. Ashley michalski Police officers risk their lives on a daily basis, endure countless traumatic experiences, and ultimately face mental health issues. The goal of the Pillars Inspires 5K Walk/Run is to bring mental health awareness to law enforcement officers.  More police officers die from suicide than in the line of duty. Despite the […]
  • Tending to the Self
    The surface of our lives is filled with schedules, jobs, relationships, money, habits, to-do lists, dishes to be done, laundry to fold, recreation – the daily stuff that engages much of our attention. These things are important. Money keeps the lights on. Healthy food keeps the body functioning well. Bedtime allows rest for school and […]