Posted on: May 23rd, 2023
By: Courtney Tomaszewski

Here are five reasons why group art based therapy is good for teens:

  1. Peer Support and Understanding: Group art based therapy offers a space where teenagers can connect with peers who may be going through similar challenges. It provides a supportive environment where they can share their experiences and emotions without judgment. Being surrounded by others who understand their struggles can be comforting and help them feel less alone.
  2. Creative Expression and Self-Discovery: Art based therapy allows teenagers to express themselves creatively and explore their own unique identities. Through artmaking, they can tap into their imagination, experiment with different materials and techniques, and discover new aspects of their personality and interests. The creative process can be liberating and empowering, helping them find their own voice.
  3. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Engaging in group art based therapy can boost teenagers’ confidence in their artistic abilities and overall self-esteem. By showcasing their artwork within the group, receiving feedback, and witnessing the positive reactions of their peers, they can gain a sense of accomplishment and validation. This can translate into increased confidence in other areas of their lives as well.
  4. Emotional Outlet and Stress Relief: Group art based therapy provides a healthy and constructive outlet for teenagers to express and manage their emotions. Artmaking can serve as a cathartic release, allowing them to channel their feelings into their artwork. The process can be calming, providing a break from daily stressors and serving as a form of relaxation and self-care.
  5. Learning and Inspiration from Peers: In a group art based therapy setting, teenagers have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by their peers. Seeing the diverse styles, techniques, and approaches of others can spark their own creativity and broaden their artistic horizons. They can learn new skills, share artistic tips, and exchange ideas, fostering a sense of camaraderie and growth.