Pillars of Wellness is happy to announce a new partnership with Purdue Northwest (PNW). The goal of this partnership is to provide the Northwest Indiana community – and beyond – with mental health knowledge to improve the clinical care and expertise available in Northwest Indiana. We hope to create a place for clinicians to network and build each other up while improving our clinicians clinical skills, self-care, and overall professional direction, so that we can work together to better serve our clients. 

Our hope is that by focusing on creating a place to Eat, Experience and Evolve participants will be able to advance in their clinical acumen but by providing an opportunity for clinicians and students to network, we intend to build relationships that will continue to allow the clinicians and the mental health community to flourish.  We are excited to not only foster connections and experiential learning, we are also trying to give those in the field a chance to share their knowledge with the mental health community by being a presenter or a co-presenter. 

What does this look like?

PNW and Pillars will providing various opportunities for professionals to collect continuing education units (CEU) on topics related to mental health. At present, we will be hosting a monthly lunch and learn that will focus on different mental health topics. Each installment of Eat-Experience-Evolve will include an expert in the field and a licensed clinician, counting as 2 CEUs. Lunch is also provided for in-person attendees as part of the registration fee! 

Each module will be held on the first Friday of each month, scheduling permitted. 

Which professions can this benefit?

CEUs will count for mental health professionals; however, there may be specific co-presenters who may help to address mental health aspects of other professions which may have CEUs or equivalent in their respective fields. Regardless, with the structure of the learnings being experiential, those who are not in the mental health profession may find these useful to apply to their own profession or even their everyday life. 

How can I be involved? 

Easy! – We want to extend an invitation to all of the experts (e.g., medical professionals, provisionally licensed providers, interns, externs, independently licensed clinicians, etc.) out there who are willing to share their knowledge at these learning events. Below are some details about being an “Eat/Experience/Evolve” presenter.

Fill out the form below, which includes:

      • An outline of a topic. If you have an idea but need some help structuring it, feel free to still fill out this form and we’d be more than happy to meet with you and discuss it further. 
      • About 3 to 4 learning objectives. Again, if you need help developing these, don’t stress about it now and we will help you out!
      • Availability. Provide a couple different months that you will be available. 

It is highly encouraged to have an experiential format with break-out discussions and exercises. The sessions are 2 hours total. Presenters should prepare approximately 90 minutes of lecture and experiential time. Presenters should either be independently licensed or co-facilitate with a licensed provider. If you have a licensed provider in mind, that’s great! If not, feel free to reach out to us and we may have someone who would love to co-facilitate with you.

Maybe you don’t want to present, that’s fine too. Feel free to reach out today and we can be sure to keep you informed on our plans for future lunch and learns where you will be able to join us as we eat, experience, and evolve together! 

Where are these held?
Purdue University Northwest – Community Counseling Center 7030 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, IN 46323
Televideo options available
How much does it cost?
Professional: $30
PNW and Pillars Staff: $25

Zoom Attendees: $20

Students: $15

Zoom Students: $10
What are some of the topics?

Check out our tentative schedule below. These are from 11:00am to 1:00pm CST:

December 2, 2022: Mindfulness Self-Care for Clinicians and Clients

February 3, 2023: Beyond Words

March 3, 2023: Cancelled

April 7th, 2023: Niche or Not: Developing and Following your Passion

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or just want to learn more about Eat-Experience-Evolve, reach out to Jason Kniola.

Jason Kniola