Welcome to the Pillars

Pillars of Wellness was established with the aim of helping clients find their ideal therapist. This is an underappreciated part of good mental health treatment. To have the most effective treatment, it is essential to have a good fit between client and clinician. In addition to improved client outcomes, this approach can also improve clinician satisfaction, which in addition to improving client outcomes can have a positive overall impact on the wellbeing of our organization. At Pillars of Wellness, it is our hope to not only improve the lives of our clients; rather, we want to make a positive impact on our clients, clinicians and our community!

Our Mission

As a company, we aim to provide a comfortable and empowering workplace for our Pillars’ staff knowing that only in taking care of our team, can we truly provide health and healing to those we serve. Clinically, we focus on identifying the ideal clinical fit. We aim to ensure clients, clinicians, and the entire Pillars’ team is in their ideal place to succeed.

Our Vision

To be the premier mental health organization by empowering clinicians and clients throughout the Midwest.

Our Values

1. People first: We take care of our staff and the community we serve to ensure a healthy and healing environment.
2. Integrity: We hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, ethics, and diligence.
3. Leadership: We guide our clinicians and staff to find their passion while being supported by quality leadership and management.
4. Learning: We set a priority of being open to learning, adapting, and growing.
5. Authentic: We strive to be genuine in our relationships and to help clients and staff discover and embrace their true selves.
6. Resourceful: We aim to optimize an innovative approach to be a vehicle of change in our community.
7. Supportive: We are dedicated to creating a collaborative environment where staff and clients feel heard and understood.

Our Belief

We believe that by having a healthy and happy team, we can provide the best services and bring about a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Passion

Employee satisfaction is directly related to client satisfaction, and we aim to foster a healthy workforce, so we can better facilitate health and healing.

Pillars Locations

Telehealth also available

Pillars Providers


Marriage and Couples Counseling

Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Child Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

8-Week Mindfulness Program

Group Therapy

Psychological Assessment

Coaching and Wellness

Brief Therapy

Sport Psychology

Comprehensive Wellness Membership

School Based Services

First Responder Services

Bereavement Services

University Counseling

Expressive Arts Based Therapy

IOP (Substance Use)

Christian Counseling

12-Week DBT Informed Program


We Offer Medicaid, Insurance, and Affordable Payment Plan Options.

We want to help you find the ideal fit regarding your finances, as well as clinical fit. So, we provide various payment plan options geared toward convenience and flexibility. We have you covered whether you’d like to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket for our counseling services.