Location Address: 521 E 86th Ave Suite H., Merrillville, IN 46410

Amber Wehle, CEO

Ms. Wehle started Pillars of Wellness Inc. in 2017 after her husband, Dr. Wehle, struggled in his private practice with balancing the business side of a company while also being a clinician. Seeing the challenges of being both a clinician and managing the business aspects of a practice, it seemed like there had to be a better way!  After much prayer and surrendering to God, they decided that the best way to provide care to clients (and keep clinicians from burning out) is to create an infrastructure to manage the business side of the mental health company and let clinicians focus on clinical practice.  This would help clients get the care they need and clinicians the ability to focus on providing the best clinical care possible. 

We quickly found that this same experience was common for many other clinicians, which allowed Pillars to experience strong growth as an agency and constantly improve in its business and clinical practice.  With the increased demand from clinicians wanting to work within this system and clients gravitating towards our shared vision, it became clear that continuing to develop a more robust administrative team was essential. With that, we provide that same support clinicians aim to give clients and Pillars aims to provide clinicians to all of our team members. Pillars staff members see their role within the company as more than just a job; it’s a passion to provide health, healing, and wellness to all we strive to serve, and it will always be the goal of Pillars to support them in this pursuit.

Since the beginning the aim has remained the same, let people focus on what they do best. The hope was to not only create a happy and healthy work environment but also allow everyone to get and give the most they can to ensure the success of Pillars! To do this, we aim to make Pillars a place that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable to all. Even more so for clients who need a place of respite, healing, hope, and wellness as they manage the various challenges of life.  

We all have our struggles and strengths and Pillars is a place to aid in the tough times and guide you as you aim to find your place to get and give what you need to make the world a better place.  We are the Pillars, that will hold each other up as we work together to build a better future.

Thank you for considering partnering with us on your wellness journey.

Marissa Abbott, HR Director 

As the HR Director at Pillars of Wellness, it is my goal to facilitate a happy and healthy environment for our clinicians.  I believe that when our clinicians are happy and healthy, they will create a similar environment for their clients.  My aim is to allow our clinicians to find a fulfilling career here at Pillars.  Setting the bar of excellence in the environment at Pillars will not only make Pillars a great place to work, but also an exceptional place to receive care from supportive and healthy clinicians.”

Administrative Team

Our administrative team is committed to Pillars’ mission of providing help and healing to those we serve.  They are the pillars that uphold our vision of allowing clinicians to focus on the clinical needs of the clients we serve.  Their goal is to ensure that any logistical questions are answered. By taking care of these needs, clients are able to focus on their treatment goals and clinicians can focus on taking care of their clients. Our administrative team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding scheduling appointments, accepted insurances, and billing concerns. They can provide initial screenings to see if scheduling an intake appointment with Pillars would be the best next step. 


At Pillars of Wellness, marketing is often our first introduction between our potential clients and our talented clinicians. For us at Pillars, creating a connection between client and clinician is a part of the therapeutic process. It is our hope that by telling our story our clients will feel like they are partnering with a company they can trust and celebrate. Even more so, we are dedicated to highlighting our clinicians so that clients can have a clear sense of what great people we work with so that they can begin making the connection to our agency and our individual providers. 

From fun mental health memes, in-depth scientific analysis, to positive mental health Pillars swag, Marketing aims to usher our team and the community we serve into and along their wellness journey.

Office Hours

Office hours are typically Monday through Friday with appointments starting around 8:00am and ending around 9:00pm. There are some clinicians who have weekend availability. Clinicians are responsible for coordinating schedules with their clients and Pillars will do their best to accommodate with your scheduling needs. Generally, morning and afternoon appointments have shorter wait times. Administrative hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of holidays.