Pillars of Wellness offers a variety of services for companies who are aiming to improve the wellness of their team!

Whether you’re aiming to better understand or improve employee: wellness, satisfaction, morale, training needs, work life balance or just general engagement, Pillars Organizational Wellness services might be able to take your agency from surviving to thriving!

Feel free to reach out for a free consultation! Whether you want to improve individual employee wellness, workplace culture or help your staff excel, we can help! After we complete an assessment of needs Pillars Wellness Consultants can provide a range of services from general Employee Assistance to Executive Coaching, Health and Wellness coaching or even Wellness Workshops on topics from: Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, or Diversity and Inclusion.

Pillars is focused on creating opportunities to improve organizational and community wellness.

Contact us today so we can use our expertise to help your team thrive!

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