Internship Opportunities

Interns are a vital part of the Pillars team, and we pride ourselves on being an excellent training site for a variety of programs. Whether you are looking to be a social worker, addiction counselor, mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, or a psychologist, we welcome the opportunity to develop future mental health professionals. Our team has several independently and provisionally licensed clinicians with different backgrounds, who have different skill sets and knowledge they are eager to share with student clinicians. 

Another pillar of a mental health agency is the administrative staff. This includes, but is not limited to receptionists, billers, marketer/advertisers, and human resource personnel. If you have the desire to be a part of a mental health agency and don’t see an internship opportunity for you, feel free to reach out to discuss how Pillars can help you grow professionally and personally!

Internship Options

Master’s Level Internships 

Doctoral Level Externships and Post-Doctoral Residents

HR/Marketing Internships

After Graduation

We love having our interns join our team upon completing their programs. For our Master’s and doctoral level interns, this allows for continuity of care for clients and provides Pillars with an opportunity to continue to support clinicians during their learning process. For our HR and marketing interns, this allows the opportunity to gain hands-on learning in the healthcare leadership field. It also allows the intern to gain confidence in the field and transition into a job in the field – potentially with Pillars; as we offer career opportunities upon graduation!  If our interns are interested in staying with us, about a month prior to graduation, interns will have an opportunity to apply for a position and go through a formal interview process.