Master’s level internships 

At Pillars of Wellness, our interns are able to have their own caseloads ranging from 10-15 clients dependent on availability and University expectations. Our interns are able to utilize some forms of client insurance, as well as see clients at an out of pocket, reduced self-pay rate. We recognize for many of our interns, this is their first time having their own caseload, and to provide as much support as possible during this journey, we offer the following resources for interns:

  • Biweekly, virtual, all-staff group supervision 
  • Biweekly, in-person, team group supervisions (this varies by location)
  • Weekly, virtual, group supervision for all current interns. This is required for our interns to attend, as we will have interns complete a case conceptualization at least one to two times during their internship so they can be provided additional feedback and support on a challenging case. 
  • Weekly individual supervision 
  • Some of our teams also hold regular team lunches/team building activities to work on relationship development for that specific team, our interns are always welcome to join these as they occur. 

In addition to the above resources, our interns at Pillars will be required to record at least one of their sessions per semester. This will allow supervisors to provide additional feedback and support as interns continue to learn and grow in this field. 

Shadowing opportunities

At Pillars, we are very fortunate to have clinicians with varying areas of interest and expertise. We strongly encourage our interns to form connections with the clinicians on their team and take advantage of any shadowing opportunities these clinicians may have. While having your own caseload is a wonderful learning opportunity, shadowing other clinicians is a great way to be exposed to different therapy styles and techniques. 

Additional learning opportunities 

As an additional growth opportunity, interns at Pillars are required to complete at least one Pillars Project during their time with us. We have a variety of project options, such as: starting and running a group for clients, creating informational social media content, creating specific workshops for staff (or clients), etc. We also welcome any ideas you may have as your Pillars Project, which can be discussed with your supervisor. Additionally, our interns participate in our client outreach program for our waitlist. This requires interns to make about three client phone calls a week in which they check in on our clients who are waiting for services to see if there are any additional ways we can support them prior to them being paired with one of our clinicians. 

Interview process for Master’s level interns 

Since we provide our interns with caseloads, we require interns to complete at least two semesters of internship with us and we cannot accept practicum students (we want to be sure interns are ready to develop their own caseload and not relying entirely on shadowing). Interns can apply for:

  • Spring & Summer internship:  Resumes due by Aug. 28th; Pillars will declare by Sept. 15th
  • Fall & Spring internship:  Resumes due by Feb. 25th; Pillars will declare by March 15th
  • Fall, Spring & Summer internship: Resumes due by Feb. 25th; Pillars will declare by March 15th

(Semester requirements and interview timelines may vary depending on program requirements). 

Depending on location availability, some of our sites may not hold a round of interviews for internships starting in the fall. Additionally, based on supervisor availability, some of our locations may reserve 1 spot for different specialty areas (SW, CMHC, MFT). 

If you are interested in applying for a master’s level, counseling internship position with us, please fill out the form below.

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