Posted on: May 4th, 2023

Summer break is a fantastic opportunity for university students to prioritize their mental health and focus on their overall well-being. With the additional time and flexibility that summer provides, it’s the perfect time to explore therapy options and find a provider that can support you through the upcoming academic year.

One excellent option to consider is online therapy services. Online therapy can provide many benefits for students seeking support during the summer break. With online therapy, you can access counseling from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient and accessible option, especially for those who may have left their college town for the summer or are traveling.

Furthermore, online therapy services can offer more flexible scheduling options than traditional in-person therapy. This flexibility can allow you to work with your therapist to find a time that works for both of you, which is particularly helpful for students who may be working part-time jobs, internships, or who have other obligations during the summer break.

Online therapy services are also cost-effective and may offer sliding scale fees or accept insurance, making it a financially feasible option for students who may have limited resources during the summer months.

In addition to these benefits, online therapy can provide privacy and anonymity, which can make it easier for some students to open up and share their experiences and feelings with their therapist. Privacy is often an issue for students transitioning back home but with teletherapy you can have a private conversation with your therapist anywhere you have a laptop or cellphone and internet connection.

Online therapy can also offer access to specialized services that may not be available in your local area. At Pillars we developed our University Counseling Program, specifically for this need. University students experience unique challenges and benefit from clinicians with a passion for this group and speciality training related to the common concerns of university students.

When searching for an online therapist, it’s essential to look for professionals who have experience working with university students and who use evidence-based practices. You can search for online therapists with our group and we will try to match you with a clinician that meets your specific needs and interests.

Overall, summer break is a great time to focus on your mental health and to explore the different therapy options available to you, such as online therapy. By prioritizing your well-being, you can take some time to focus on your mental health and be ready to thrive in the upcoming academic year. With a greater sense of clarity, resilience, and self-awareness you can make this summer an opportunity to be your best self!