Posted on: July 9th, 2024

Teddy Bear Picnic


July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

In 1907, the song Teddy Bear Picnic was written by John Walter Bratton. The song was instrumental and did not have lyrics until 1932 when Jimmy Kennedy wrote them. The song is popular in film and literature, and many preschools have a Teddy Bear Picnic during the academic year, where the children bring their teddy bears or stuffed animals to school and complete teddy bear-themed crafts and play teddy bear-themed games.

If you would like to join the fun, you can celebrate by:

  • Singing the Teddy Bear Picnic song
  • Making teddy bear themed foods

  • Creating teddy bear picnic lunch bags using brown bags, construction paper, and markers
  • Creating bear masks using a paper plate, construction paper, and markers or paint
  • Drawing a teddy bear picnic scene
  • Hiding a teddy or two and having a teddy bear “hunt” to find them
  • Reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day can be a delightful boost for your mental health. Engaging in playful activities like a picnic with teddy bears fosters a sense of joy and nostalgia, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It encourages you to step outside and enjoy nature, which is known to have calming effects and improve mood. Additionally, the simple act of play and spending time with loved ones, whether family or friends, can strengthen social bonds and provide emotional support, contributing to overall well-being and mental health.

Show us how YOU celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day!