Pillars of Wellness is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment available. There are times when standard treatment does not meet the needs of our times. To meet the modern mental health needs of our clients we have developed a program that will provide a comprehensive solution to meet our clients mental, emotional, and relational needs. To do so we have created a membership program that provides the additional support that goes above and beyond the traditional therapy model.

As a member, you will receive access to the following additional services:

Client Success Consultants: Our success consultants will connect with you via email at least once a month to inquire about your satisfaction as a member of the Comprehensive Wellness program and your success in your wellness journey. During this inquiry, we welcome you to provide feedback to our consultants about the program, services you would like to see, or your favorite part of the program. 

Priority Scheduling: Life can be unpredictable at times and things come up. Pillars understands and wants to be as flexible as we can with allowing cancellations and rescheduling for no charge at least 23 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Just send us an email, inform your clinician, or give us a call. 

Clinician Access: In between your scheduled appointments, you may have questions that come up and you don’t want to forget them. As a member you can email your therapist and expect to receive a prompt response within 24 hours during regular business hours, excluding holidays and weekends. This service does not replace therapy and should be utilized as an additional support. 

Wellness Workshops: As a member, you receive priority and free access to special Pillars workshops, webinars, and our psychoeducation/skills groups. Just call our front desk to see what our clinicians are currently leading and ask to sign up. If there is a topic that you would like covered, let us know during your success consultation, or inform your clinician! 

Wellness Consultation: Receive an annual wellness consultation that provides a deep dive into your mental wellness and overall psychological functioning. This positive psychological approach not only looks at areas of mental health and wellness but rather provides a guide into being more resilient and to not just manage psychological impairments but instead create an opportunity to improve your quality of life and find a path towards thriving! You will receive individualized feedback and coaching which will put you on a path towards optimal wellness. In addition to this boost of wellness you’ll have an opportunity to continue working on these wellness principles with your Pillars Therapist.  

Exclusive Content: You get premier access to our video content created by our clinicians, and worksheets to provide psychoeducation on certain topics, as well as guides to help you further develop your coping skills you and your therapist are discussing. If you don’t see a topic you would like to learn more about, let us know! 

Pillars Shop: As a member, you will receive a voucher for a free journal at our new Pillars Shop. Be the first to know about new releases and receive exclusive deals to buy Pillars gear, including a birthday surprise on us!  

Technology: Access to technology platforms that allow you to communicate in a secure manner with your therapist, to attend virtual workshops, and to view exclusive wellness content. 

For just a one-time enrollment fee of $99 and a monthly membership fee of $39, you can become a Wellness member.