A message from the University Counseling Program:

Hello and welcome to Pillars of Wellness! We are passionate about working with college students and advocating for the mental health needs. Collaborating with universities as they work towards meeting the mental health and wellness needs of their students is an important part of creating an individualized plan that meets the specific needs of each student.

Our mission is to provide effective mental health services within our community, nearby universities, as well as those who live on college campuses. That is accomplished through having a well-rounded team of clinicians with an understanding of the various dynamics and challenges that college students face. Attending college is an exciting and notoriously stressful time for many students. In addition to coping with separation and individuation from their family of origin, students also have to contend with academic pressure, interpersonal issues and balance self-care. At Pillars, we take pride in delivering compassionate and evidenced-based treatments for a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal issues and grief. Additionally, our team is aware of issues that are unique to college students such as adjustment to living independently, career uncertainty and self-esteem issues related to academic performance.

At Pillars, we place a strong emphasis on providing supervision and support to our clinicians. We believe in prioritizing the education and wellness of our clinicians and, in turn, they can pass on the utmost quality of care to their clients. We have a diverse team of clinicians from various backgrounds who are eager to guide clients along their wellness journey.

We are more than happy to welcome clinicians who are interested in joining our team! If you are considering therapy, we are excited to match you with a clinician and provide you with the treatment and healing you deserve!

Office Hours

Office hours are typically Monday through Friday with appointments starting around 8:00am and ending around 9:00pm. There are some clinicians who have weekend availability. Clinicians are responsible for coordinating schedules with their clients and Pillars will do their best to accommodate with your scheduling needs. Generally, morning and afternoon appointments have shorter wait times. Administrative hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of holidays.