A message from the Christian Counseling Program:

We are pleased to introduce Pillars of Wellness to you and your ministry community. Pillars of Wellness is a mental health counseling practice established by Dr. Shaun Wehle, PsyD and his wife Amber Wehle, CEO. Our mission has been to provide a holistic approach to mental health that considers all aspects of the human experience, including one’s spirituality.

My (Dr. Shaun Wehle) background as a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary has fueled my passion for integrating faith into mental health treatment. Over the years, Pillars have grown from a small practice with six clinicians to a thriving group with over 80 clinicians serving clients worldwide. Today, we are excited to formally launch our Christian Counseling program.

We embark on this new journey, with the hope of collaborating with churches to provide high-quality mental health services to you, your staff, and your faith community. We understand that ministry leaders often bear the noble responsibility of supporting the mental health of their teams. Our mission is to alleviate this burden by offering faith-informed healthcare.

Our services currently encompass traditional individual, couples, and group therapy, but we’re also open to providing additional support and mental health training for your staff if desired. Pillars is unique in that clinicians who work with clients requesting Christian counseling will only be those who have professed an interest in working with Christian clients and participate in supervising groups focused solely on how to ethically and effectively work with Christian clients.

Pillars of Wellness accepts most major insurances, including Medicaid to reduce the financial strain on our clients. While we’re open to partnerships with churches wishing to support treatment costs, our primary focus is on utilizing health insurance benefits to make mental health care accessible.

As a Christian myself (Lisa) and a current member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, I am passionate about the intersection of faith and psychology. Dating back to my time in college where I was a member of CAPS (Christian Association of Psychological Studies) I eagerly attended their annual conference with one of my professors, deepening my understanding of this crucial blend of disciplines. However, it was actually my personal experience with the transformative power of Christian counseling that motivated me to pursue a career in this field. This program is an exciting opportunity to bring together my passion to integrate faith and psychology, which I look forward to sharing with you.

Warm regards,

Lisa and Shaun



When you call in, email or sign up through our portal, be sure to mention that you want to be part of the Christian Counseling program. Our administrative staff will get you set up with one of our team members!


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Office Hours

Office hours are typically Monday through Friday with appointments starting around 8:00am and ending around 9:00pm. There are some clinicians who have weekend availability. Clinicians are responsible for coordinating schedules with their clients and Pillars will do their best to accommodate with your scheduling needs. Generally, morning and afternoon appointments have shorter wait times. Administrative hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of holidays.